National Pain Awareness Week is coming up very fast and this year is turning out to be more important than ever as the ongoing assault and war on people with pain continues. It appears the regulatory bodies for medicine in every province are intent on destroying the important patient doctor relationship that may exist betwen people with pain and their doctors. They are forcing doctors to actually stop treating people in pain and destroying those doctors ability to live up to the oath of medicine they took when they left medical collega. They are destroying the basic tenet of medicine and the covenant doctors have with their patients. This is destroying lives and tragically it is based on information that has no basis in science and is led by a small group of addictionolgists who have been fronting for drug rehab centers. These individuals are using the very tragic problem of people addicted and using ILLICIT substances smuggled in from China or Mexico, which has absolutely nothing to do with legitimate prescribing of legal medcines. They simply can not accept the idea that we have two distinct issues here, which will never be solved because they can't admit to whatthe real problem is.

There are a number of events planned by several grousp during National Pain Awareness Week. Some are:     IS THE WAR ON OPIOIDS HURTING PEOPLE WITH PAIN?

                             Public presentation presented by The Chronic Pain Association of Canada

                              Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mary Lynch MD FRCPC

      Professor of Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine, Perioperative Care Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Dalhousie University, Halifax

                               Tuesday, November 8, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

                            Atlantica Hotel, 1980 Robie Street, Halifax

                       Discover that you are not alone living with this

                                  Complex Disease - Chronic Pain

                       Learn about educational resources and support in the HRM

       Gain insight into how Chronic Pain people can successfully improve their quality of life.

                         "Peer to Peer" Chronic Pain Support Groups