This extensively researched book is a follow up to the author's highly praised memoir Inside Chronic Pain. The present work describes the "outside" of chronic pain: It shows how chronic pain is poorly represented to, and deeply embedded in society. It is written for people living with pain as well as for those who, for whatever reason, are in contact with them. Integrating social analysis with the lived experience, this book shows how multiple societal institutions and beliefs often make chronic pain worse, stand in the way of obtaining relief, or misrepresent chronic pain. They range, among others, from insurers who benefit from pain's invisibility, to inadequate knowledge by the world of medicine; from misapplied psychological therories, to the dilemna the opioid overdose tragey presents to people living in pain; from the social stigma attached to chronic pain due to pain's invisibility, to the often inappropriately cheerful messages from others, even from self help organizations.


Reading Experiencing Chronic Pain In Society is being shocked into awareness of how frequently people and institutions habitually contribute, often unintentionally, to the misery that is a life lived in pain. Throughout this book, the focus is on what needs to happen to coach invisible pain into visibility, and to correct societal obstacles to pain relief.


From reviews, cited in the book: "i found myself engrossed in the profound revelations about the world in which I live." "It's terrific to hear the voice of one who not only lives with pain, but is able to tease apart the complexity of the experience. Her insights inform how professionals and others might become part of the solution." "Heshusuis shows how accepted indeas about evidence, professionalism and science distort how a broad array of professionals as well as members of society at large understand--or are unable to understand--lives lived in pain." "people living with pain will find an author who finally speaks with them rather than about them or even for them." "Her books have taken me off the path of suicide..." "Read this powerful book if you want to understand chronic pain."

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