CPAC Chronic Pain Facilitator Conference - Ontario Groups

February 24, 2014
Holiday Inn - Toronto International Airport

The Chronic Pain Association of Canada has brought together a group of Support Group Leaders to help assist them in their efforts to improve the lives of people in pain and to give them more information so they are better able to advocate for people in pain. Chronic pain affects more people then heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined, yet little attention is paid to this huge health problem in our society. The Chronic Pain Association of Canada is dedicated to assist those in pain by improving the understanding about pain and increasing the educational opportunities for those interested in this area. The conference will cover Self-Management for Chronic Pain through a presentation by Dr. Ted Robinson of Bridgeport Hospital & Mt. Sinai Hopsital in Toronto: How do Pain Meds Work and the Importance of relationship with your Pharmacist; Roles Patient Can Play in the Process of Drug Review, CADTH by Martin McNeil; Opioids & Pain, Dr. Roman Jovey; Pathophysiology of Pain, by Lynette Sawchuk of CPAC, Hills, Hurdles & Obstacles of Faciliating Chronic Pain Support Groups by Terry Bremner, Presdident of CPAC and Moderator of the Conference, and a number of more reosurces and seminars on group dynamics and working to improve pain care.