Form a Group

Interested in developing a Chronic Pain Support Group?

Living with chronic pain may alter a chosen "Plan A"  and there may be a need to take a detour to "Plan B". Leading, and being part of a chronic pain support group can add a sense of meaning and purpose to life,and sharing hopes and fears with others is uniquely rewarding.

We have outlined the simple steps required to develop a successful support group.

CPAC will assist you in establishing your support group by providing a support group binder of information (electronic format).


Step 1

Please provide your contact information so we can assist you in establishing your chronic pain support group. See New Support Group Leader Registration form.
After registration and a conversation with a representative from CPAC you will be provided access to the Chronic Pain Support Group website 


Step 2

Review the Support Leaders Binder, available from the Chronic Pain Support Group website in electronic format. You can download individual sections as you need them. As we  update or add to the binder, we will notify you of the revisions.


Step 3

1. To look for a meeting location
2. Advertise your meeting
3. Organize your first meeting


Step 4

Tell us about your support group and meeting details and we will add it to our national listing of chronic pain support groups.




Support Group Leader Registration

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